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Welcome to VIP Domestic

VIP Domestic - Scaffolding rentalGreetings! Welcome to our NEW VIP services for domestic clients!

If you want the very best we have an offer then you’re in the right place.

Spitfire Scaffolding has been engineered to be so much more than your usual scaffolding rental company. We think of it as a beacon business, a diamond in the rough, an iconic service you can trust.
Our VIP’s can rest-assured, their projects are in safe hands.

“I always get three quotes when we need work from trades. Spitfire stuck out by a mile, it wasn’t only their prices which swung me but all the guarantees really hit the spot.”

Robert Culbert, Bedford, March 2016.


Most of us like to be picky from time to time, and this is why we’ve created a very unique and special opportunity, only for people who want the best of the best (numbers are limited due to the logistics).

Being a VIP with Spitfire Scaffolding means that you will be our priority and automatically have access to:

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  Quickest response times for emails and phone calls; we are always extremely busy and it’s impossible to

guarantee everyone these rapid fire communications. Upgrade here to jump the queue

  Priority bookings and job amendments (subject to availability)

  Installed payment plans (subject to credit checks)

  Heavily discounted rates on scaffolding rental when you clear the balance on the day of installation

  If you need further work at any point in the future we WILL automatically enter you on to our

BEST PRICE scheme, where you will be offered trade discounts

Want more details about scaffolding rental? Simply fill in this form (expect an immediate response).


No questions asked guarantee: “Buy it and try it, and if you have any doubts about our services, just let us know. If it’s something we can fix, we’ll try and put it right straight away. But if you ever think to yourself “ Wish I’d never bought from this company” we’ll send someone round to pack it all up straight away, and make sure you get a full refund”.

We take safety extremely seriously: If you have any concerns about the quality of our installations, or working practises, contact us straight away so we can make a plan to rectify the situation.  

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